About Us

Meir Mizrachi founded Clifton CRE with the goal of providing landlords an efficient solution to ensuring properties maintain high levels of occupancy, thus maximizing a portfolio's net operating income / total value.
Meir Mizrachi leverages his knowledge of complex real estate transactions as well as strong sales and communication skills to ensure Clifton CRE achieves its goal of providing landlords a hands-on and efficient leasing service. He founded Clifton CRE after spending 7 years at Rhodium Capital Advisors, a large real estate investment firm with an aggregate portfolio value of $1.3+ Billion. He currently resides in Clifton NJ with his wife and two kids.
At Clifton CRE we understand that every day that a space remains vacant results in a direct loss to landlords, our hands-on and aggressive approach to leasing ensures that loss to vacancy is eliminated as soon as possible
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